The death of a Saker Falcon, Maia

On the 22.03.2012 a team from Romania made of 5 employees and volunteers of Milvus Group, working in the Saker Falcon conservation project LIFE09 NAT/HU/000384, travelled to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There we were kindly welcomed by two local ornithologist colleagues, Mr. Dražen Kotrošan and Mr. Iljan Dervovič, members of Ornitološko društvo “Naše ptice” (Ornithological Society „Our Birds“, an NGO from Bosnia  and Herzegovina, dedicated to the protection of birds) who helped us a lot during our visit.

Opening ceremony of the new cage in Ratnovce

On 3rd of May a new cage built within the LIFE Saker conservation project, was opened in the rescue centre of Havran NGO in Ratnovce. The cage was opened by Rastislav Rybanič, director of nature-ptotection section of Ministry of environment of Slovak republic, together with the executive director of Raptor Protection of Slovakia, as an asssociated beneficiary of the LIFE project.  Building of the cage was supported by: European Commission, Západoslovenská energetika, a.s., PWC Fundation and Tatra banka Fundation.

Drama in Sakers' life

Happenings at the nest followed quickly on 25th April. The second chick hatched at dawn. We received comments that the third egg was cracked and the chicks was on the way out, however the recorded sequences did not confirm that. We saw the cracks on the egg, but we did not see the third chicks in the nest.

First meeting of the International Saker Falcon Task Force in Abu Dhabi

The UNEP/CMS Office - Abu Dhabi holds the inaugural meeting of the Saker Falcon Task Force in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), on 29 March 2012. Almost 30 participants from 18 different countries were welcome, including Government officials and representatives from international and non-Governmental organisations.

Searching for Saker falcons in Romania

As the beginning of the breeding season of the Saker falcons (Falco cherrug) is the optimal time period to identify new breeding pairs on the field, employees of the “Milvus Group” have begun the search for territorial pairs and for available nests in the Western Plain of Romania and Dobrudja in March, 2012.

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