The second satellite transmitter mounted on a Saker Falcon in Romania

On the 1st of June 2012 a satellite transmitter was mounted on a Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug), the second one in Romania. The event was attended by the specialists of MME (BirdLife Hungary) and the LIFE project management team, the employees of Transelectrica SA’s (Romanian transmission and system operator) Timișoara branch and employees of Milvus Group. This action took place in Banat region in the frame of the “Conservation of Falco cherrug in NE Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” project with the aim of gathering information about the life of Sakers. More exactly, by following the movements of these birds, ornithologists can discover all the factors threatening the birds during their flight, the foraging areas they use and the specific areas where the juveniles migrate during winter. All these information are used by conservationists to identify adequate conservation measures, indispensable to stabilize the species’ breeding population.

New nest boxes for Saker Falcon in North-Eastern Bulgaria

Five of the planned 10 aluminum nest boxes were mounted in the end of May 2012 as part of the conservation activities of the LIFE+ project “Conservation of Falco Cherrug in NE Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia”. The nest boxes are set on places especially chosen on the basis of different criteria, such as previous Saker observations, good food resources, minimum of threats, less visitors, etc. They are made of aluminum and are of the “Hungarian” type, which has proved to be very successful in the Carpathian basin, where thanks to the conservation efforts of our colleagues the species population continues to expand. 

Photo of the fledging Samu

One of our visitors recommended for us that …."most probably it would be very interesting to follow up the fledging of the juveniles for many peoples, however it may not given for them, therefore it would be good if we would record it and publish it in the same sites. Peoples would apreciate it for sure"…..

Thanks  to MAVIR’s staff – who did the maintenance and  sent done Hajnal for PTT tagging – we can display the photo of the fledging Samu. Naturally we will published the fledging of Hajnal too.

We have received the Best of LIFE Nature Project Award

The awarding ceremony of the Best LIFE Nature Projects terminated in 2010 was held in Brussels in the evening of 23 May 2012.

FOCUS: EU LIFE program - 20 years caring for nature

This year, the BSPB team working on the project “Conservation of Falco Cherrug in NE Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia” participated for the first time in the Days of Europe Street Youth Fest in Varna, which took place on May 5. The occasion was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the LIFE program of the European Union contributing to environmental protection and biodiversity, which also became a focus of the event.

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