Saker released after recovery

In November 2012 a male of Saker Falcon was found near Vienna in Austria,  not able to fly, with its wing injured. According to the information on the ring, it was a bird ringed in 2012 in the nest in Western Slovakia. After successful treatment and professional care  of Austrian colleagues, the bird was ready for a return into wild. The male was released on May 28th 2013 by the presence of media. The event was organised by extperts from Raptor Protection of Slovakia on a site with suslik colony, established within a Saker LIFE project.

Saker nesting in Slovakia online

Experts from Raptor Protection of Slovakia have installed a videocamera on a Saker nest in Western Slovakia. The camera was installed within a Saker LIFE project (LIFE09 NAT/HU/000384). The pair started to breed later than usually, because the weather was very cold and bad especially in March and April. Three chicks in the nest are growing fast and the parents care very well for them.

You can watch the nesting here.

Romanian Saker breeds in the Crimea

Satellite-tracking revealed a long-suspected genetic relationship between Central European and Eastern European Saker Falcon population. The finding gives new perspective for the conservation of the species.

Saker 'reality show' starts again on the internet

Following last year's success MAVIR Zrt. launches again the live 'nest-observing' show. Like in last year, the life of a Saker family from breeding to fledging of juveniles can be followed on the company's website, on the Saker conservation LIFE project's website and on the most popular community website.In last year, several thousand people from 106 countries followed the activities of the Saker family, and the show is expected to have even bigger success.

Lehel, the Saker 'disarmed'

The mission of Lehel, the Saker Falcon has come to an end. Yesterday, experts of MME/BirdLife Hungary removed the tracking device from Lehel, which had been located the bird's movement since 2007.

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