FOCUS: EU LIFE program - 20 years caring for nature

This year, the BSPB team working on the project “Conservation of Falco Cherrug in NE Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia” participated for the first time in the Days of Europe Street Youth Fest in Varna, which took place on May 5. The occasion was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the LIFE program of the European Union contributing to environmental protection and biodiversity, which also became a focus of the event.

The fest brought together hundreds of young people who came to participate in skating, skateboarding, longboard and dance competitions or to watch a BMX,  Capoeira,  graffiti, street art and body art demonstrations, on the background of music that they love.

The program included several art studios. BSPB organized a workshop for making kites, which were artfully painted and let in the sky, as well as and painting and installing nest boxes in the Sea Park of Varna.

We showed video movies on environmental themes and used the opportunity to present the project and the endangered Saker, which occurs in the region and whose conservation is our shared responsibility. We informed  the young people about opportunities to participate in our activities and emphasized the benefits of  a responsible attitude to the environment and the need to live in harmony with nature.

The fest was organized for the fifth consecutive year by Amorpha Youth Group, with the support of Varna Municipality. The event was a way to celebrate our shared heritage and the best of contemporary European society’s practices, as well as the contribution of local communities to European culture and consciousness.

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