Wide media coverage of the first press conference about the Saker Conservation LIFE project in Bulgaria

One of the events celebrating the 1st April – The International Birds’ Day – organized by the Bulgarian project partner, the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), was a press conference at the National Press Club with the Bulgarian News Agency in Sofia, dedicated to the newest Life+ project „Conservation of Falco cherrug in Northeast Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” (LIFE09NAT/HU/000384)

Dr. Petar Iankov, the Technical Coordinator of the Project, made an attractive presentation from which journalists and other guests were able to learn about the project target species – the Saker – and the reasons why this bird is one of the most threatened on the planet, about the project activities in Central Europe and what BSPB has done so far for the Saker conservation in Bulgaria.

The numerous questions by journalists from leading national regional media were answered by Dr. Petar Iankov and Dr. Bozhidar Ivanov. The event was widely covered by over 20 elecronic media, radio stations and newspapers.

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