New cage for disabled individuals built in Slovakia

On January 18th 2012 a new cage for disabled individuals, built within the LIFE project, was opened in the rescue centre of ZOO Bratislava. Injured or other handicapped individuals of Saker or other birds of prey will be placed in the cage during the treatment.

The opening of the cage was done by Mr. Ján Orlovský - the Chairman of the Statutory Board of Západoslovenská energetika, a.s. (ZSE, a.s.) and Mrs. Miloslava Šavelová - the director of ZOO Bratislava. Several representatives of media were present. As stressed by Mrs. Šavelová, the cage is a very important help for the care of disabled individuals. The injuries of the birds placed in the rescue centre have several reasons – most often illegal activities such as shooting and trapping, but very often the reason is collision with some barrier (power line, buildings etc.). ZSE, a.s. is insulating dangerous 22 kV power lines within the project, to protect Saker and other endangered species from electrocution. Representative of the Ministry of environment of SR was also present at the event.


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