Bests of LIFE projects

Apparently, not only Sakers, but also the Commission found the previous Saker conservation project ('Conservation of Falco cherrug in the Carpathian Basin' - LIFE06 NAT/HU/000096) one of the best LIFE projects that was closed and evaluated in 2011. Now, the project is among the 13 best projects, however the competition is far being over yet. Those projects will be further evaluated and four 'Best of the best projects' will be selected. The results will be announced at an award ceremony in May in Brussels during the Green Week.

The best 13 projects are:

Project Number

Project Acronym


LIFE04 NAT/BE/000010


Habitat restoration in Landschap De Liereman

LIFE04 NAT/DE/000028

Bombina in the Baltic Region

Management of fire-bellied toads in the Baltic region

LIFE04 NAT/DK/000022


Regional Actions to Improve Nature in River Odense and Odense Fjord

LIFE05 NAT/B/000088


Rehabilitation of habitats in military camps in Wallonia

LIFE05 NAT/B/000089


Rehabilitation of natural habitats on the Tailles Plateau

LIFE05 NAT/D/000111

Salzstellen Brandenburgs

Conservation and development of the inland salt marshes of Brandenburg

LIFE06 NAT/CZ/000121


Preservation of alluvial forest habitats in the Morávka river Basin

LIFE06 NAT/D/000005

LIFE-Projekt Maifisch

The re-introduction of allis shad (Alosa alosa) in the Rhine System

LIFE06 NAT/H/000096

Falco cherrug-Hu/SK

Conservation of Falco cherrug in the Carpathian basin

LIFE06 NAT/F/000143

Vipère d'Orsini

Conservation of French populations of Orsini's viper (Vipera ursinii)

LIFE06 NAT/PL/000105


European Bison conservation in the Bialowieza Forest, Poland

LIFE06 NAT/P/000184

SOS Freira do Bugio

Urgent measures for the recovery of Bugio's petrel, Pterodroma feae, and its habitat

LIFE06 NAT/UK/000134

Active blanket bog in Wales

Restoring active blanket bog in the Berwyn and Migneint SACs in Wales

So keep your fingers crossed for us, and read the letter from the Commission about the good news here.

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