New Saker information boards in North-eastern Bulgaria

Two new Saker information boards were recently installed by the BSPB team in the frame of the LIFE+ “Saker conservation in NE Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia” project.  The sites where the boards were mounted – Cape Kaliakra at the Black Sea coast and the Center for Nature and Wildlife Protection in Dobrich – are not chosen by chance. Besides being located in the project region, these sites are often visited by the Saker Falcon, which can be seen there with a bit of luck, as well as by great number of Bulgarian and foreign tourists and nature enthusiasts. 

The Saker boards inform the visitors about the species and the project goal – saving the Saker for the Bulgarian fauna by applying successful conservation approaches, which have resulted in a considerable increase of the species populations in Hungary and Slovakia.

Except the activities we are implementing to improve the habitats in order to attract breeding Saker Falcons – putting artificial nest boxes, proposals for improving agri-environmental subsidy measures, etc.,  - our actions targeting the threats for the species also play an essential role.  Such are the insulation of power transmission lines, rehabilitation of injured birds, protecting nests, putting satellite transmitters, species monitoring and raising the public awareness.

The great interest drawn by the information boards gives us a reason to believe that people are ready to support the cause for the conservation of this very rare and threatened bird and that the Saker has a future in Bulgaria.

Saker infoboard at Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra

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