Energo-Pro Grid and BSPB will cooperate for the benefit of birds and people

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by Energo-Pro Grid and BSPB within the Saker Falcon conservation project in Northeastern Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, funded by the EU LIFE + Programme.

It is well known that one of the biggest threats to raptors and other large birds are power lines. Most often birds find their death on them because of short circuits, especially when they perch on lines from the 20 kV power distribution network. Among the victims are hundreds of white storks annually, as well as individuals of endangered species such as the Saker Falcon, Imperial Eagle, Egyptian Vulture and many more.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration in the conservation of biodiversity, and particularly birds, the BSPB and Energo-Pro Grid expressed readiness to collaborate while developing and protecting their interests in the spheres of their activities. This is a particularly important achievement, as Energo-Pro Networks is the only company operating in Northeastern Bulgaria, which coincides with the area of the Saker conservation project. 

"The Saker Falcon is a bird of prey typical of the open steppe regions and its habitats in Europe are lowland steppes, agricultural areas and mountain foothills" - sais Dr. Peter Yankov, project scientific  coordinator. - "One of the biggest risks to those birds are the dangerous electrical poles in the places they inhabit. One of the major activities of the project in Northeastern Bulgaria is putting insulation on poles of the 20 kV network. We highly appreciate the willingness of Energo-Pro Networks to cooperate with BSPB in the conservation of endangered bird species from the risks associated with the company’s energy infrastructure."

Of course, the BSPB also assume certain responsibilities in resolving issues related to birds and the maintenance and operation of energy infrastructure. The data we have collected on specific cases of bird mortality allowed the designation of the most vulnerable sections of the distribution network. Thanks to funding from the LIFE + Programme of the European Union within the project "Conservation of the Saker Falcon in northeastern Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia" the BSPB is going to purchase special plastic insulators to secure 600 pillars in the areas of occurrence of this globally threatened species.

Signing the Memorandum between the two organizations is another example of cooperation between business and nature conservation, as well as an example of responsible behavior of companies and organizations with a view to the protection of our national natural heritage.

Saker habitat (Peter Iankov)

Dangerous pole (Peter Iankov)

A victim (Peter Iankov)

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