BSPB and E.ON Bulgaria unite their efforts for the benefit of birds and people

On 13 February 2012 a second meeting between BSPB and E.ON Bulgaria was held in Varna, within the project Conservation of the Saker Falcon in NE Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. The goal of the meeting was to continue the cooperation on one of the project activities that started in 2011 – insulation of electric posts in Dobrudzha.

Putting plastic insulation on some of the power transmission lines is one of the ways of preventing power supply disorders, caused by birds. Long-lasting observations and studied done by both BSPB and E.ON Bulgaria show that the problem is especially serious at places with higher concentration of birds. The White Storks which during migration use the electric posts for roosting suffer the most. Very often other bigger birds, such as eagles and falcons, are being electrocuted. Such incidents affect the power supply quality in the regions in question.

During the meeting BSPB presented the results of the work done so far of identifying, taking GPS coordinates and pictures of the 600 electric posts that are to be insulated, as well as the collected information of electrocuted birds. E.ON Bulgaria expressed their willingness to accept the cooperation proposal, which may involve signing a memorandum of understanding between the two organizations. This would allow the acquisition of the European commission grant for insulating the places with greatest activity of big birds. Until now E.ON Bulgaria have actively supported such initiatives and have organized by themselves the insulation of power line sections dangerous for the birds, as well as the placing of 60 nesting platforms for storks.



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