A projektet 2015. legjobb természetvédelmi projektjei közé választotta az Európai Bizottság!

Az Európai Bizottság minden évben kiosztja a „Legjobb LIFE természetvédelmi program” díját, az előző évben lezárt projektek körében. Három kategóriában összesen 63 európai uniós program közül mindössze 23 kapta meg ezt az elismerő kitüntetést, köztük a „A kerecsensólyom védelme ÉK-Bulgáriában, Magyarországon, Romániában és Szlovákiában” című LIFE+ projekt.

The Saker continues his journey

The film shows the conservation work about the Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) focusing on the species supported by the European Union. As a result of the co-ordinated work of experts from four countries, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia, this species breeds successfully and it is expanding its range in Central European habitats from year to year.

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A tragic end for a Saker Falcon from the Banat region

Toro was caught and tagged with a satellite transmitter in 2013 in the Banat region (Romania), as was reported in the news at that time.

Susliks at Muránska planina site

In the frame of LIFE09 NAT/HU/000384 project, focused on the conservation of Saker falcon a restitution of Spermophilus citellus was being carried out at two sites – SKCHVU016 Záhorské Pomoravie and SKCHVU017 Muránska planina. The susliks were being fed to improve the general conditions and increase the survival chance of individuals. Feeding is especially important also because the populations were damaged in the past years by heavy rain.

Successful breeding in a Romanian Saker Falcon artificial nest

Arthur – the first Saker Falcon to nest in Banat region after their return to the area - was first seenwith his pair by Milvus Group ornithologists at the end of February in that year, near a high voltage pylon from Banat region. Atop of the pylon there was a nest made of twigs and theterritorial behaviour of Arthur and his pair suggested that it could be the third SakerFalcon nest from Banat region.

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